About De99vanAmsterdam

De99vanAmsterdam (The99ofAmsterdam) is an initiative of the Fearless City Amsterdam-program of the municipality of Amsterdam. The99 was founded to connect the Amsterdam initiatives that make the city fairer, more just, more sustainable and more inclusive, with each other and with cities abroad. The name refers to two types of 99. The 99 neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. And to the 99 percent of the inhabitants of this world who – unlike the 1 percent – lack enormous wealth and power.

ambitions & goals

Through the Fearless City-programme, Amsterdam wants to be at the forefront of Cities of Change, the global growing movement that aspires a more sustainable, more equal, fairer and more inclusive society. This movement is known as municipalism: cities worldwide are emerging as advocates of (economic) system change, democracy, tolerance, solidarity, public interests and human rights.

  • The program aims to be a motor for system change in the city. For, from and by citizens, city council, civil servants and social organisations.
  • From the end of March to the end of June 2021, we organized the Cities for Change Forum for and with Amsterdam residents and citizens all over Europe, city council members, civil servants and civil society organisations. The forum also offered, in addition to its own programming, an open platform for civil society organizations and active citizens to program discussions and submit proposals.
  • Internationally, we become part of a sustainable network of progressive cities, city councils, initiatives, organizations and movements in the Netherlands and Europe. With a strong profile of Amsterdam as a city of change. And an international conference in April-June 2021.


The program works on the following themes:

  • New Economy
  • Climate & Energy
  • Housing & Public Space
  • Digital Democracy
  • Migration & Discrimination


To achieve these ambitions, we invest in:

  • We do this ourselves or are having it done by formal knowledge institutions and informal groups. We experiment with methods and technologies that really give Amsterdammers a voice.
  • Political-administrative, with influential institutions and informal groups.
  • With a wide range of engaged citizens and organizations. We talk, listen, inform and inspire.
  • We exchange strategies and experiences with international political actors, social movements, think tanks and other progressive cities.
  • We open up ideas, experiments, initiatives, experiences and best practices from the Netherlands and abroad.
  • A large online international forum took place from March 26 to June 29, 2021. Together with active city residents, leaders of progressive cities, civil servants, scientists and local movements.

global connections

The program consults progressive international and Dutch thinkers and doers, concepts and movements. And is connected to progressive cities, networks, city governments, initiatives, organizations and movements.